chillifoodies chunky chilli oil now available!



Hi, & welcome to chillifoodie!

A bit about me…

I love chillies! fresh chillies, chilli flakes, chilli sauces, spicy dishes, chilli meats, pickled chillies, you name it, if it’s hot and spicy, I love it, & if it’s not, I just add chilli

& now my chillifoodie chunky chilli oil is finally available for all, after much fine tuning, I have come up with the perfect HEAT meets FLAVOUR chunky chilli oil.

its perfect on or with anything & everything, & I mean everything, even chocolate, you have to give that one a try

chillifoodie chunky chilli oil shipping info...

We post Australia wide with the following expected delivery times using Officeworks Mailman with tracking, postage Australia Wide is ONE FLAT RATE of $8.80, this is for 1 jar or 2, 4, 12 Jars, so as you can see the more you purchase, the bigger the discount on jar price & postage

Perth to Perth 1-2 days

Perth to Adelaide 5-6 days

Perth to Brisbane 6-8 days

Perth to Canberra 7-10 days

Perth to Darwin 7-14 days

Perth to Hobart 8-9 days

Perth to Melbourne 5-6 days

Perth to Sydney 7-10 days

International shipping is available, a standard rate is calculated at checkout, & delivery times will vary depending on location, I will endeavour to advise you of approximate delivery time when your order is being fulfilled, we are also not responsible for any customs or quarantine issues in the receiving country.

chillifoodies chilli slicer 

How did the chilli slicer come about?

Well, cutting my chillies the traditional way with a knife on any surface would do a few things that were a problem in my house…

first of all, it would leave a remanence of heat on the surface I was cutting my chillies on which would contaminate other food being prepared, (not good when your partner is not a chilli lover like you), also having to touch the sliced chilli to move it from the surface to the dish (I’m sure we have all rubbed our eyes after touching chillies lol), & finally the chilli seeds would go flying through the air & land on the floor somewhere for my young children to discover, touch, and feel the heat (ouch!)

Solution… I needed to slice the chilli over the dish, thick or thin, a lot or a little!

& after a light bulb moment the chilli slicer was the answer


How does the chilli slicer work?

As easy as this...

Is the chillifoodie chilli slicer a cigar cutter?

My light bulb moment did come from seeing the use of a cigar cutter, however a number of modifications were incorporated to make it into the chillifoodie chilli slicer that it is, we made sure the highest food grade stainless steel is used due to it needing a rinse after each usage, we also made sure we had the largest circumference size possible to cater for those large juicy jalapeños & of course its chilli red!

Where do you post/ship to?

We ship worldwide, & best of all its free! We post/ship your order the same or very next day from right here in Perth, Western Australia, delivery approximately 4+ business days (Australia) 6+ business days (rest of world)

My order never arrived?

Please allow for the allocated delivery times (above), if you still have not received your order then email us (contact page) and we will get right on it to locate your order

Where are you located?

The lovely Perth, Western Australia, home of some of the best beaches, & of course great fresh chilli produce

How do I care for my chilli slicer?

The chilli slicer comprises of a plastic casing & two razor sharp stainless steel blades. Although like most kitchen steel utensils the blades are stainless steel, they still need looking after for you to get the most out of your chilli slicer, in keeping it sharp and stain free.

So once you have used your chilli slicer, gently rinse the blades and dry them thoroughly, storing it in a dry place and avoid placing it in a dishwasher.

This way you should get many years out of your chilli slicer, keeping it nice & sharp & ready for your fresh chillies any time you are

I have another question, how can I contact you?

No worries, go to my contact page, fill in your details, and I will get back to you ASAP